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Our therapists are dedicated to the study of energy works. All our healers are well trained and have many years of experiences in energy works. Read More

Our Services

Our therapists are multi-skilled and specialized in a different field. A combination of various healing arts is applied depending on the patient’s needs. Read More

Social Obligations

Integrated Studies have been actively involved in various humanitarian activities and projects that empowered many people and environment. Read More 


Compilation of our clients’ encounters after going through our workshops and/or services. A great read if you are unsure what energy healing can do for you! Read More


Reiki Healing Courses in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • What is Integrated Reiki (iReiki)?

    Integrated Reiki is a synthesis of Reiki, hypnosis and energy works into a complete healing system. In Integrated Studies, we realize that no single art is THE best and can be applicable for all situations. Therefore we integrated the best of different healing modalities into Reiki to develop an all rounded art.

  • Benefits of iReiki

    iReiki works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Releases blocked and suppressed feelings, emotional turmoil and discord. Provides limitless benefits of spiritual growth and increases intuition. The benefits of iReiki are not limited to healing! iReiki can overcome obstacles, its uses are endless!

  • Who can learn iReiki?

    Anyone can learn iReiki. No age limit, no pre-requisite. If you have a big heart and want to help your loved ones, iReiki is for you. If you yourself needs help due to certain issues, iReiki is for you too. Contact us now to join our upcoming iReiki Healing workshop.

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